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Why Are Low Cost CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Superior To Plasma & Waterjet Cutters?

Source: Bodor Laser US

Source: Bodor Laser US


Fiber laser precision and speed can finally be attained at thicknesses historically reserved for plasma cutting and waterjet in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Superior Cut Quality

Fiber lasers produce a narrower cut kerf than plasma, and also waste less material. Most parts can be produced without the need for secondary processing.

Unmatched Positioning Accuracy

Fiber laser cutting machines can maintain position accuracy to ~0.005” compared to plasma cutting at ~ 0.015”. When comparing head to head, fiber laser cutting offers a more narrow bevel angle than plasma cutting as well.

Less Setups Yield Lower Operating Costs

Eliminate the need for secondary finishing by dialing in your cut conditions. This yields an optimal surface finish after only one operation, due to minimal dross or slag, and less deformation of the part.

Faster Cutting

Speeds achieved cutting with a fiber laser can reach a three-fold increase over plasma cutting, and up to 8-10x the speed of waterjet cutting.

Eco-Friendly & High-Efficiency For Less

Due to the faster processing speeds and reduced energy consumption, fiber laser cutting is more cost-effective as well as less environmentally impactful. Paired with an enclosed fume collector, the air in your shop is also safer for your employees than breathing in the fumes from an open bed plasma cutter.

Clean-Air Cutting

The utilization of a specialized air compressor and dryer system designed specifically for fiber laser cutting enables peak performance without high Oxygen or Nitrogen assist gas costs. Rigorous testing has demonstrated similar results when cutting with air, but contact us to schedule a test cut to be sure! The only drawback is a possible slight haze of oxidation at higher thicknesses due to the oxygen presence. This has not been shown to effect the application of powder coat paint directly after cutting in most cases.

Faster Cutting Speeds Combined With Lower Capital Equipment Costs, Lower Operating Costs, and Less Consumables Costs = Massively Increased Profits and Industry Leading ROI!

3/8 Inch Stainless Steel Cut with Compressed Air by 3kW to 20kW Fiber Laser

Fiber Laser cutting speeds in 10mm Stainless Steel using compressed air from 3kw to 20kw

Source: Bodor Laser

Aggregate internal cutting data at Bodor Laser demonstrates when cutting 10mm, or just over 3/8 inch stainless steel, cutting speeds increase dramatically when power increases from 3kW to 20kW+. In spite of this power increase, operating costs of 3kW to 12kW only rise by a mere 2% due to the faster processing speed, using compressed air as the assist gas, and increased efficiency of fiber lasers at higher power. The resulting cutting speed is 10x and offers a cost reduction of nearly 90%!

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