Ergomat USA

Ergomat Cam actuated automatic lathes for bar and chucking applications, 15mm up to 80mm capacity

Models: A15, A25, TD16, TD26, THR26, TD36, TB42, TB60, TB80H

A25E  is a cam machine with a PLC for inputting feed rate & RPM via a servo drive

Ergomat Complete Cam Lathe line, A, TB, TD Brochure – PDF

The TD series is the most advanced cam machine model, available in 3 spindle sizes: 16mm, 26mm, 36mm

Ergomat TD 16, TD26, TD36 Brochure – PDF

The Ergomat TBA CNC Multi-slide Automatic Lathes:  30mm, 42mm, 60mm, 80mm

Ergomat TBA 42-60- Brochure – PDF

The Ergomat TBC is available in 30mm, 42mm, 60mm with 3 slides & an 8 position turret, with integral pickoff spindle

Ergomat TBC 42-60 Brochure – PDF

The TND series with 2 turrets & and 2 spindles, available in 42 mm & 65 mm bar capacity

Ergomat TND 65S Brochure – PDF

Ergomat CNC Gang Slide Lathes, Models: TNG 32 & TNG 42

TNG32 – Brochure – PDF

TNG42 – Brochure – PDF


Ergomat was founded in 1962, and has continually manufactured its machine tools in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Prior to 1997, they operated as “Traub-O-Matic”, a division of Traub AG.  It was at that time, the division was acquired by the employees, and the name Ergomat was established.  In its more than 50 years of history, the company has produced more than 18,000 machine-tools globally.  The Ergomat brand has stood for high-performance, reliability, and productivity, throughout the world. Since 2006, Miller Industrial Services, Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of Ergomat machine tools for the USA. We also operate under the name Ergomat USA as well.